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free-online-psychic-readingsThroughout history, we have sought advice with regards to the most important aspects of our life, such as our health and wellbeing,  love and even money concerns. Although nowadays, we are very fortunate enough to have a great number of professionals who have a gift of wisdom from the spiritual dimension – a Psychic or Clairvoyant.

I myself provide readings for people, and have helped many with their own questions, problems, or those who are just seeking messages and closure from relatives who have passed on, however I don’t provide this service online or via the telephone. I have several clients who visit me from many miles away, however there are those who are unable to visit me due to travel restrictions, schedules not matching up etc.

Therefore, I decided to look for alternatives for those who were in need of urgent advice, and tested a number of online psychics to see which were true and accurate who I could recommend in such circumstances.

My Recommendation: Telephone Readings
Free 3 Minute Reading, No Payment Required
Price is in $, but they also have UK Psychics too.
Visit Website
Psychic Source 


Live Psychic Readings
Provide a great service and feature online psychics with their own customer star rating of each. Competitive rates, prices in $ but worldwide service including UK.
Visit Website



How I Tested Each Online Psychic

If you look at many other websites, local newspapers or magazines, there are many who provide “honest, accurate and informative psychic readings” – but how do you know if they are truly accurate? Will they guide you right, tune into your situation and provide you the best advice?

I decided to test out a number of “reputable” online services, in fact I tested around 12 within a two month period. If you want to see which of the sites I recommend based on my information, you can skip this section and scroll down, but if you want to know how I tested to make sure they provide a good service to those in need, then read on.

I registered at each of the websites I chose and initially browsed the website. I looked at their terms and FAQ pages to see if I could find any misleading information, inflated claims or just plain nonsense. This straight away reduced the number of sites I was willing to suggest to clients!

Once I decided I had website’s which appeared to be offering the right type of service without claiming to be directly ascended from God himself (Yes, one psychic site did actually claim that), I then tested out their readers. Now, some of these sites have what they call “Featured” psychic readers, which are those who have been registered with them for some time, have good feedback and high accuracy with their information. Other’s just simply display who is online at the time, so I decided to pick randomly who I would choose for a reading. It is important to note that all these websites claim they test out all psychics before they join their service to ensure quality standards are maintained, so whoever I choose, it should be good.

I tested our 3 different readers from each website, over a two month period. I asked basic and simple questions without giving much personal information away to the readers. I did however open up so they can tune in better (if your close minded to a reader, or have negative feeling about them before you even begin, it will be that much more difficult for them to provide an accurate reading).

I recorded the results of all the readings, those who I thought were accurate, truthful, didn’t try and waste my time telling me the secrets of the universe or keep me for more time than what was needed for the reading to earn more money.

With all this said and done, there were only 2 websites which I would honestly recommend – this low number did shock me, and it’s no surprise why Psychics and Mediums get a bad reputation! But based on my experience, I feel the site’s below are ones which you can trust to provide you with an honest psychic reading, without you wasting your money on someone who gives you the wrong information!

My Psychic Reading Reviews & Recommendations

My Review
Keen have a high reputation in the online psychic reading world, and appear to have some great psychics and mediums. All my readings from them were accurate and friendly, and also informative. Visit Website
Psychic Source
A very simple and easy to navigate website, they showcase their psychics with their own star rating system based on customer feedback which is an excellent idea. I of course only chose the 5 star readers when I tested them.Another unique feature for this site is the ability to schedule in a reading with any of the psychics, so if you find one you like and they are offline, you can schedule an appointment with them when they next sign on, or another day when you are both available.

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